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The voice of ‘Songs of Hope’

My novel, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ has an accompanying novel soundtrack that will be released on May 7th. But, who owns the euphonious voice behind the accompanying music EP, ‘Hold on please, Emily: Songs of Hope‘?

Matthew Isaacs (known as Kromatix_ to the music world) is gaining a reputation as a remarkable piano virtuoso with a voice that bleeds any and everything soul. His music is heavily influenced by jazz, R&B, and Neo soul. I had the privilege of interviewing Matthew for the May edition of ‘Hold On.’ 

Currently, Matthew has two releases, which you can check out on Spotify. His first release is a single called ‘Show U Off,’ and the other is a collab with Andy Quan called ‘Fruit-Loops.’ 

I’m a huge Kromatix_ fan, so when we teamed up to collab for the accompanying novel soundtrack, it was a super awesome experience. 

To learn about how I connected with Matthew and his life story, make sure to read the full musician interview to find out more.

Final thoughts

For all those Kromatix_ fans out there, make sure to stay tuned for June. Matthew will be releasing some more music over the summer, including some singles and his very first body of work. The exact dates during the summer will be announced soon, so follow him on Instagram or subscribe to his newsletter to get the latest updates. 

Check out our music release, ‘Songs of Hope,’ coming on May 7th. Pre-save our album today.

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