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I’m a Bestselling Author

Just yesterday, I officially became a published author…and just a day after, I became a bestselling author. This is unreal!

My book ranked #1 New Release in two categories a few hours after I launched. Then, when I woke up the next day, my book was #1 bestseller for 3 categories: Oncology & Cancer Nursing, Cancer, and Voice Music. 

Later today, I received a call from Ben Hoppe from SPS to congratulate me for such a successful book launch. His exact words were: “You’re killing it!”

I am so grateful for everyone who purchased my book and left a review. Also, thank you to all those who supported me throughout this self-publishing journey. Being a published author was already an awesome feeling, but being able to call myself a ‘bestselling author’ is out of this world. 

Can’t wait to see how my first 30-days post-launch goes. I look forward to updating everyone on my first 30-days in the June edition of ‘Hold On‘ so make sure to sign up for my newsletter to get your copy. 


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