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TV Series Review: Goblin

This K-drama was a sweet and sad love story. After watching this TV-series, it brought many questions about whether it is better to have forever love or sad love. 

The Goblin has lived for over 900 years, cursed with immortality and a sword stuck through his heart, because of his sins from the past. The only person who could remove the sword is his bride, known to the ghosts as ‘The Goblin’s Bride,’ who could also break the curse. The Goblin was in search for his human bride for many years as he was tired of watching those he cared a lot about die. This story was rather interesting as it spans centuries and intertwines with a grim reaper who is unable to remember his past. 

When the goblin eventually meets his bride, he doesn’t believe that he can see his sword and acts rudely to her. Eventually, they fall in love and he suddenly realizes that he wants to live and be with her. The Goblin doesn’t tell her what would happen when the sword is removed, but knowing that he will vanish with the curse removed, he finds ways to delay her from removing the sword.

Goblin has a little bit of everything: melodrama, comedy, and romance. It was a creative story with a bit of history, magic, and fantasy. The most interesting part was seeing the switch back and forth between the pasts, present, and future.


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