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Reminisce with ‘Fruit-Loops’

I am really excited for this release called ‘Fruit-Loops,’ performed by Kromatix_ and Andy Quan. Together they produced a fun groovy track about breakfast cereal. My favourite line, “Nothing takes you back,” has a great ring to it!

There is nothing more chill than waking up late and enjoying a bowl of Froot Loops. I loved the slight tweak to the song title so that it wasn’t identical to the Kellogg’s classic. 

I remember eating Froot Loops as a kid; listening to this song did bring back a lot of memories. This is also the first time I was introduced to Andy Quan’s music and I learned from Matthew that these guys met via Instagram a few years back and their musical vibe just clicked. I’m stoked that they released a collab and that Andy has been supporting Matthew’s releases with the guitar components ever since. 

I’ve known Matthew for almost 3 years, and he has impeccable taste in music. So, I look forward to checking out some of Andy’s discography and am quite impressed that this young instrumentalist has such a large following. I have a feeling that Andy is more than just a music star in Australia. 

It was also fun being a part of the live stream Matthew and Andy put together to celebrate the release of ‘Fruit-Loops.’ My first live stream! I wanted to show my support for Matthew so logged in at midnight to check it out…and I’m sure glad I did. It was great getting to know Andy a bit more and to listen to Matthew jam on the piano too. This guy is unreal. Whenever Matthew plays on the piano, it’s like his fingers become the keys. The music he plays sounds so smooth!

Everyone, grab a bowl of your favourite breakfast cereal and listen to this awesome track. Don’t forget to add ‘Fruit-Loops‘ to your morning playlist too. Without a doubt, this song is the perfect mix of RnB nuances and chill-hop. Check out some of the fun promo content on Andy’s and Kromatix_’s instagram pages. 

Hands up if you want to get smacked by a handful of Froot Loops. (Yes, my hand is up. It looks like fun. Though I wonder if any Froot Loops were harmed in the making of the videos.)

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