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Cold & delicious

It’s almost summer and what’s the best summer treat? Ice cream!

I’m a sucker when it comes to dessert and sweets, though my sweet tooth has become ‘less sweet’ the past few years. Well, less sugar is never a bad thing.

Ice cream has always been my go-to dessert and Baskin Robbins was my favourite ice cream shop because of its variety of interesting flavours. Pineapple coconut is so delicious! However, the true reason why I love ice cream so much is that a scoop of ice cream in a cone brings back lots of fond childhood memories.

My family was quite simple. We spend our weekdays doing homework at home and weekends were our extracurriculars. Sometimes, we will hang out together at a mall, watch a movie at the theatre or catch the Saturday night hockey game for the Leafs during the NHL season. This was our life. In the summer, my dad would take time off to bring us to the zoo and other popular city attractions. Every place we went, we had ice cream to end off the day. My dad was never a huge ice cream fan, but we typically enjoyed the same flavours. We would get a double scoop. He’ll eat the top scoop and I’ll have the bottom with the cone. It was our father-daughter thing.

The funny thing is that now as a parent, I sometimes do the same with my son. However, I’ve taken on the top scoop role because my son actually likes the cone the most when it comes to ice cream. 

Ice cream is a fun summer treat to enjoy with your kids. Grab a scoop today.


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