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How is yoga relaxing?

I don’t see how twisting yourself into weird positions is relaxing. A few years ago, I tried yoga for a few weeks with my friends and did not feel enlightened. I think this goes back to my fear of exercising with a group of people. It’s just not at my comfort level. But, yoga (at least to me) is not relaxing.

I’m sure it is to some people, and my friends even came out of those sessions saying how relaxed they felt during and afterward. But, I completely disagree.

I am not convinced that yoga is the most relaxing, purifying, and soothing thing ever. The positions you put your body in are very awkward and I spent a lot of time struggling to not fall over. My balance is also iffy so when you stand with one leg and arm in the air or require to balance on your head with your legs folded like a pretzel, it was just downright uncomfortable.

Long story short, yoga is not for everyone, just like not all sports are for everyone. Find a sport that makes you feel relaxed so you can get your dose of physical exercise to stay healthy. For me, it’s biking.

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