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What’s with all the staring

The gym and me do not match. You can never find me at a gym, because like Emily McGregor, I am fearful of all the starring. How do people feel comfortable working out in front of people? I still feel that exercising is a personal thing and I do much better when I’m alone in a room following a YouTube lesson. However, people love working out and spend hours training even if they aren’t professional athletes. 

Here’s a mini preview of my book, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ coming this May. It’s an excerpt from Chapter 2 when Emily talks to her Aunt who loves going to the gym:

I always felt so out of place at the gym. It was such an intimidating environment. Each motion on the elliptical was accompanied by this tingling sensation. This eerie feeling started at the back of my neck and eventually crept down my spine. Most of us had experienced this ‘sixth sense’ feeling at some point in our lifetime. It was like my brain sensed something was out of place, but my conscience didn’t register it. This paranormal experience raised several uncertainties that lurked deep in my subconscious whenever I entered a gym. Was I wearing the wrong
clothes? Was everyone laughing at my exercising technique?

Check out my novel when it comes out in May to read more about Emily McGregor and her life journey.

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