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Surviving with McBride

Martina McBride’s ‘I’m Gonna Love You Through It‘ is coined the breast cancer song and I love the lyrics in this one because it walks you through the journey of a breast cancer patient and the struggles of accepting her diagnosis and going through treatment. 

When I was researching inspirational music references for my novel, I came across McBride’s song. The music video put tears in my eyes because it was so powerful adding survivor stories of the famous celebrities and activists with the song. What really stuck with me in this song was the message of having a good support network to get you through cancer treatment.

Everyone needs to remember that they do not have to battle cancer alone. Even if they are single and don’t have any family around, they don’t have to battle cancer alone.

Anyone who survived, currently is a patient, or knows someone impacted by cancer is part of the cancer community. This group of like-minded people, which you can meet at support groups, really can love you through it. Nobody has to walk alone. Listen to this song if you ever forget that you’re surrounded by people who care.


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