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New Motivational Videos on YouTube

Who doesn’t like to start their Mondays with a little bit of motivation? I signed up for a YouTube channel at the beginning of the year and started to create some promotional and inspirational videos. 

I uploaded a new series called #MotivationMonday, which focuses on themes that inspire HOPE. These videos offers a motivational quote to encourage you to thrive in the week ahead. Currently, there are two types of videos: ‘Perspective’ and ‘Words that Inspire.’ Both feature motivational quotes from my book, ‘Hold on please, Emily,‘ so if you check out my book, you’ll get a ton of inspirational content.

Motivation is the driving factor for setting goals, taking action, developing creativity, growing interests, and living a happy life. Everything starts with your perspective. Change the way you think to change your life. Use these motivational quotes to inspire positive change. 

Check out my video series here.

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