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What rhymes with orange?

Have you ever struggled with finding a rhyme in rhyming poetry because you ended your sentence with the colour ‘orange’?

Well, you are not alone. When it comes to writing rhyming poems, many struggle with creatively coming up with sentences that rhyme well with certain words. You don’t know how many times I avoid using certain words because they rhyme with a selective few. 

So, what are some ways around this situation?

  •  If you cannot think of a rhyming word, change the rhyming pattern. The beauty about poetry is that there’s free verse.
  • Find a different way to write your line so that you end with a different rhyming word.
  • Use a synonym for the word in question.
  • Don’t write a rhyming poem. Although rhyming poems sound nice, not all poems have to rhyme. Some of the best poems have no rhyming pattern.

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