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Is it bad to repurpose content?

Absolutely not!

Creating content isn’t easy and it’s perfectly okay to take an idea and make it into five ideas. However, rather than simply copy and pasting, try this. 

Re-purposing can be seen as offering a different perspective on the same topic. For instance, you may have an idea and explain it technically in a paper, but simplify it for a blog post. Then, you may create a video on it or a social media image to post that would connect better with a younger audience. Sometimes, you can even take multiple ideas and put it together to build a lead magnet or a short book. 

Think about it this way. If you were looking for a quote on hope, would you only rely on one quote to define it all. Technically, if you google ‘hope quotes,’ you’ll notice that each quote are all related to the same topic but give a different perspective. That’s exactly the same power of repurposing. So, whenever you have an idea, think outside the box and find other ways to use it. Content is hard to create, but once you have some, work with it to get more out of it.

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