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To sketch or not to sketch

Hobbies are a great way to relax after a long day at work, and sketching is a great one that you can do at any time. But, why sketching? 

Sketching improves your creative skills and the way you view things. When you do art, you need to look at things from different angles, thus encouraging open-ended thinking and creativity. These personal development skills can be applied to different areas of life outside of art. 

Artistic hobbies develop different parts of your brain and enhances your ability to focus and pay attention. Also, it improves your hand-eye-coordination, strategic thinking, and visualization skills. 

To put this one level up, sketching can actually improve your holistic health. As you sketch more, you begin to build confidence in your art and these feelings of accomplishment carry through to the rest of your life. Having confidence in even the smallest things boosts your self-esteem as an individual and motivates you in other related tasks.

Many people view sketching as a form of relaxation because typically when you draw, you’re sitting and working at your own pace. There are no rules when you’re sketching, so it’s not a stressful activity. 

Lastly, sketching can even help you improve your communication skills. Because there are no words in a drawing, an artist uses their drawing to communicate feelings, emotions, and thoughts without the need for words to be spoken.

Try out sketching today and see how this activity can improve your life.

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