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Movie Review: Me Before You

I loved this movie! ‘Me Before You’ was a beautiful love story about a small-town girl, Clarke, who lands a job with a rich (and stubborn) business man, Will, who became a paraplegic.

Will opts against taking his motorcycle to work on a rainy morning and is hit by a bike while crossing the street and is left paralyzed. Two years later, we find that Will’s mother is looking for a companion to take care of Will, and Clarke lands this opportunity. 

The witty humour of Clarke truly makes this movie memorable. She is naïve and accident-prone, but in some ways, also a ray of sunshine. Later in the movie, she discovers the true implications of her caregiver job. Over time, Will eventually warms up to Lou and her insane wardrobe. This movie does a great job with shedding light on the truth of living with chronic pain and the questions that may arise for the patient and their families. There are deep and complicated issues discussed in the film, such as the discussion of euthanasia. This movie is similar to ‘The Fault in our Stars’ but is more honest with the painful details of living with a serious medical illness. 



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