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Different ways to say thank you

Thank you is something you learn to say at a very young age, even before you can talk. Your parents teach you to nod your head, give a hug, or flash a smile as a way to say thank you without even words.

So, why does the phrase “nice guys finish last” exist? Although you cannot imply that if you’re evil and rude, then you’ll win and come out on top, to be brutally honest, people take niceness for granted all the time. 

Being nice and saying thank you when someone does something out of the kindness of their heart shows a sign of respect and thoughtfulness. Unfortunately, being nice doesn’t stop a bully or people from criticizing you, so is this where the saying came from? So, if you’re nice, then is that the same as being kind? Is everyone who is friendly finish last?

To be frank, nice people are afraid to say no to someone or disagree with fear that they will be disliked. Overly nice people protect their own perceived reputation and avoid upsetting someone to protect feelings of guilt or rejection. However, kindness, although typically used as a synonym is slightly different. 

Kind people don’t necessarily act to comply with what society says is right, but with what their gut feeling is. Therefore, kind people act from the heart while nice people act out of fear. So, do nice guys finish last? Yes. That’s because they have can be assertive and therefore expect respect if they treat others with it too. Thus, these individuals care a lot about self-care and self-love, thus, will not stand for those who don’t play fairly or go against their morals and values. When you represent those things, even if you’re going against a bully or someone who verbally attacks, you won’t just be nice and do nothing because you’re afraid, but rather you will stand up and fight back even if that means you may create conflict.

If your actions are not based solely on meeting your own needs, then you’ve found kindness within your heart. This kindness is what will drive you to come out on top because kind people make it to the finish line.

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