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How exactly do you format a book?

I’m sure some of you are wondering…what exactly does a formatter do? 

Below are the things your book formatter will help you with to ensure that your book is ready for publication. The formatter is typically the last person you’ll need to pass your manuscript to before uploading your book for publication:

  • Ensuring your book follows genre standards and is professionally designed by adding page numbers, create stylized headings, paragraphs, and tables.
  • Taking the font used on the book cover and use that for chapter titles or use it to make drop caps to start each new chapter.
  • Use (parts of) your cover for the inside cover page in the book.
  • Take an image or symbol from the cover and use it for your chapter headings or as a section divider. 
  • Create a professional copyright page, dedication, table of contents, index, and/or glossary.
  • Format your margins, images/illustrations.
  • Prepare your book for e-book and printed versions.

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