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Movie Review: Wonder Woman 1984

I was actually really disappointed with this movie because I thought it would have better plot development. Honestly, I never was a huge Wonder Woman fan until my son was 3. At that time, he really got into superheroes and called me ‘Wonder Mommy’ since that was really the only female superhero he knew of at the time. But, I was sold. I had to read up about Princess Diana and her story of becoming Wonder Woman. 

The first Wonder Woman movie was actually pretty well done, so there was a certain level of expectation with this one and it failed at all aspects. The story didn’t make much sense, but the worse part (spoiler alert) was the ending. Although the movie did have important messages about family, and the trope ‘be careful for what you wish for,’ I could not believe how the final battle scene was put together. Do you expect me to feel satisfied if you have your superhero trying to defeat the villian by simply sitting on the ground? Where’s the action? The epic battle scene? I don’t get it.


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