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Movie Review: Umizaru

The Umizaru series is about a Japanese coast guard and his story about never giving up despite all odds. 

Daisuke Senzaki, the main character, has been selected to go through training to become a rescue diver for the special rescue team. He meets and falls in love with Kanna, but gets wet feet about marriage. Without spoiling too much of the plot, they eventually get married and start a family, but throughout their journey, Daisuke gets called to duty for very dangerous tasks, leaving Kanna hoping that her husband comes back alive. 

What I appreciated about the movie, although at times dramatized for effect, was to highlight the pressure these individuals face being a coast guard as their profession. 

Although you know that these types of movies will have the protagonist go through some epic near-death scene before coming out victorious, there were some plot twists that made things exciting, leaving you wondering what would happen next at sea.

If you like action and epic heroes, then this movie series is for you.


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