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Tidying up your life with Marie Kondo

This book is a perfect example of how reading in different mediums can still be educational. Chapter books and textbooks are not the only educational resources out there. Marie Kondo’s manga book on tidying up is life-changing. It was a cute way of teaching us as readers to declutter our life while integrating a love story in-between to keep things exciting. 

I really enjoyed this fun read and it even taught me some lessons on organizing. Marie Kondo’s main take home message is to only hold on to things that bring you joy. Sometimes, we struggle with throwing things that aren’t broken and even then, we sometimes struggle with throwing things that are. If the items you keep aren’t useful (something you need), then consider tossing it unless it brings you joy.

Tidying up is a life skill and every young adult going out on their own needs to learn this. Each chapter ends with some concrete tips about the KonMari method and some instructions on how to implement the lesson of that chapter. It’s a cute self-help book with an important lesson about life. Check it out and you may be motivated to do a bit of tidying up afterward.

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