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Why do more adults like non-fiction?

When I told my friends and family that I was writing a novel, many of them asked, why am I writing fiction. I had no idea so many adults would prefer non-fiction over fiction. So, it brought me to ponder why? 

Perhaps it’s the child that lives inside of me (I still love children’s books), but who doesn’t like a good fictional story. I view fiction books as a movie on paper because they are entertaining. After all, many fiction books were either transformed into films or inspired them. However, what I learned is that as technology advances, people are not as eager to read books for leisure. However, non-fiction books are still a popular source (particularly self-help books) for learning material. So, I ran a poll to test out this theory by asking members of my school. The results were a landslide for non-fiction and those who were willing to elaborate stated that if they only had time to read for an hour, they would rather read something that could teach them something than something for entertainment purposes.

Maybe I should have written a non-fiction book as my debut novel. Though, I still believe that my novel (since it’s realistic fiction) would interest both non-fiction and fiction readers. Only time will tell when my book launches on how it fairs in the market.

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