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How much time should I allocate for editing and design?

After you’re done writing your book, there are a few more steps before you can publish. The first (and longest) step is editing. 

Depending on the type of editing you require, it can take up to 2-4 weeks to complete this step. Plus, depending on the revisions needed after your manuscript is reviewed, it may mean more time spent updating and correcting your book.

If you have a set date to launch your book, you should allocate at least 1-2 months for editing and revisions.  

Formatting typically isn’t as long and is the next step in the process. However, if your book has a lot of complicated images, then it may take longer than the typical 1-2 weeks turnaround. Also, editing for e-book and printed editions differ, so don’t expect both to happen in a few days.

Be realistic when setting deadlines and make sure you give yourself enough time by finding an editor and formatter as soon as you’re done writing your book. If you’re looking for an editor or formatter, contact me for more details.

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