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Why choose Amazon KDP to self-publish?

Many self-publishers are turning to Amazon to publish their e-books because it is globally recognized, it’s easy to upload, and there is no additional fees. Obviously, nothing really is completely free. Amazon does take at least 30% of your royalties to cover electronic delivery charges and to allow you to have a permanent page in their Kindle bookshelf catalogue. 

Kindle direct publishing (KDP), is Amazon’s platform where you can upload and self-publish your own physical and digital books to sell. There’s quite a large audience and they have promotional options to help advertise your book too with kindle countdown days. Plus, the majority of people owning e-readers have kindles. Especially for indie authors, KDP is the way to go for self-publishing. If you turn to other third party distributors for your e-book, you’ll require to pay a fee just to upload your book.

If you’re thinking of self-publishing, check out KDP today.


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