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Growing your child’s love for reading

Parenting is hard nowadays with our kids living in a world of tablets, computers, and video games. A lot of kids would prefer staying indoors playing on these digital devices as opposed to going outside to play or read a book.

Although it may seem impossible unless your child actually loves to read, it is important to encourage your child to love books. Here’s why.

Books are an excellent source of imagination. They do not only educate, but they inspire. Get to know your child’s interests and find books that match them. It’s important to show them how fun and engaging books can be if you want them to naturally pick them up in the future. As they grow up, it’ll be hard to avoid reading, whether it’s a textbook or a novel for language class. If your child learns to love reading, they will dread reading assignments less in school. With time, if you share with them books that match their interests, they may not be so reluctant reading books that they typically wouldn’t read.

To nourish your child’s love for reading, make sure to read with them. Set a good example by reading your own books or reading them a bedtime story and becoming a part of their reading routine. You’ll find that if you can talk about the story with them, and ask thought-provoking questions, it will get them excited about what they are reading.

Parenting isn’t easy, but getting involved and showing interests in their interests goes a long way.

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