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Meet Low Key Trampoline

Sonder - Track 03 - Playtime 2.0

Mark Schirmacher is a musician from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who grew up in a musical family. He sang at school and church choirs, played multiple instruments, and performed in bands. Mark has been writing and producing his singer-songwriter music since the 90s under his own name. However, the discovery of self-producing in the digital realm caught his attention, prompting him to explore instrumental lofi music and eventually releasing music under the artist name Low Key Trampoline.


Low Key Trampoline describes himself as a songwriter who loves collaboration, genre exploration, and multi-instrumental production. His music is broadly classified as lofi, but in actuality, is filled with a lot of experimentation. In 2020, Low Key Trampoline released his first song called “She’s Gone,” which he made on his iPhone in Garageband using loops and samples from the free library. Since debuting, Mark moved to a proper DAW and started using more organic instrumentation. In 2021, his album, A Low Key Christmas, was a huge milestone since the project involved 15 different artists.


I started following Low Key Trampoline’s music and blog when Andy Quan introduced me to lofi music. At the preliminary stages of the Sonder project, I decided to reach out to Mark to collaborate since his Christmas album inspired me. Mark agreed instantly. What I appreciated most was his mentorship; his advice, encouragement, and support helped move the project forward.

Mark was assigned the theme of ‘Friendship & Family’ for the Sonder project since he has a deep understanding of the love and many sacrifices needed to keep family intact. “Playtime 2.0” is the name of his track in Sonder, which captures how our interactions with others change as we age. The core of this track is the upbeat electric guitar rhythm, which symbolizes the positive feelings of being surrounded by family and friends. No matter what difficulties we encounter, our family and friends are those that we can share a laugh with whenever together. 


In the next 5 years, Mark sees himself collaborating, creating, exploring, and taking risks by expressing himself through his favourite medium: sound waves. 


Follow Low Key Trampoline on his websiteInstagramSpotifySoundCloudBandCamp, and YouTube. If you want to check out Mark’s lyrical music, search Mark Schirmacher on SpotifySoundCloud, and BandCamp.

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