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Meet Nate Clover

Sonder - Track 04 - Affinity

Nate Osorio, known professionally as Nate Clover, is a producer from Houston, Texas, and a proud member of the U.S. Army. At 16, Nate got into music and became an acclaimed self-taught piano prodigy who, after two years, was selling his own beats.


In 2020, Nate released his first single as an artist with his good friend, Cecl, called “I miss you.” Starting with no followers on Spotify to over 26k streams lifetime is an impressive feat. His releases are mostly lofi, but Nate creates beats under a wide umbrella of genres, including hip hop, RnB, indie, and alternative. Some career highlights include his first release with a label called “Dark Coffee” (created with Stardog Lofi), and his EP with Low Key Trampoline called Day Trips.


I connected with Nate through Low Key Trampoline, who introduced me to his music and loved the deep frequencies and piano melodies. Nate’s music is emotionally eloquent, which I felt matched well with the theme ‘Love & Relationships’ for the Sonder project. Although Nate claims that he can’t particularly relate to this theme, he did agree that his lofi music resembles the movingly expressive emotions one might feel when in love.

Affinity,” signifying attraction, is the name of his track in Sonder. When Nate created this track, he wanted to create something similar to the songs I enjoyed most in his discography: “In the Garden” and “Love Will Find You.” As a result, this track features mellow drums, a kalimba, and a dope guitar.


Nate also the talented mastering engineer I’ve entrusted for Sonder. His expertise has given the whole album a fuller and more polished sound, and it was an honour to work with such a talented mastering engineer.


Follow Nate Clover on Instagram and Spotify, and if you’re looking for some mixing and mastering services, check out this link here.

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