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Meet No Mic

Sonder - Track 02 - Come True

Michael Hoffman, known professionally as No Mic, is a software consultant and music producer from Düsseldorf, Germany, who started making music in 1999. His music is hip hop inspired, and he enjoys merging traditional hip hop grooves with electronic sounds. No Mic started making lofi music later on, but he has plans to return to creating sad, melancholic hip hop tunes. Most of his music are a result of hours of experimentation until perfection.

No Mic’s first release was a single called “Daring Waters,” which actually isn’t listed anymore, but his favourite release is one from 2021 called “Tiefer” since it’s a remix of his first release. “Tiefer” embodies the sound he strives for in his music, just like his single “Bokeh,” which serves as a reminder that music does not have to be complicated to sound good or be successful.

I discovered No Mic’s music when he collaborated with eleven to create “Tempest” in 2020. That song was filled with so much emotion that made me fall in love with his sound. No Mic typically makes sad and melancholy music, but for Sonder, I intentionally challenged him the theme of ‘Goals & Dreams.’ Dreams aren’t only about glory. The progress we make to achieve our goals isn’t always consistent, and there’ll be times when we fall back hard. While the word ‘dreams’ superficially has a positive connotation, I had to find the right musician to produce a song that can capture the true essence of the ups and downs as one works towards their goals and dreams. I wondered what that would sound like, and No Mic responded with an answer.

Come True?” is the name of No Mic’s track in Sonder. It was developed from a piano sample his friend, Fradama, recorded for him, which he chopped up and added effects to make it sound dusty. Then, No Mic added drums, a bassline, and a second melody. True to his sound, the track is simple but beautiful. During the project, I discovered No Mic’s talent in graphic design; his artistic and creative capabilities created the beautiful album cover for Sonder that you see today.

No Mic hopes to turn his musical career into a full-time one, so he can make music after drinking a bottle of wine in the evening. 

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