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Meet Ben Jammin' Beats

Sonder - Track 05 - Breakthrough

Benjamin Kath, known professionally as Ben Jammin’ Beats is a producer and dog dad from the Twin Cities: Minneapolis, Minnesota. After high school, Ben started making beats. His sound blends jazzy riffs and upbeat drums to emulate the ‘head bobbing’ vibe typically found in classic hip hop. His goal is to create songs that keep his listeners excited and engaged. Imagine cutting out an epic battle scene or the climax in a novel—that’s exactly what Ben’s music encompasses.


In addition to producing music, Ben’s main instrument is the keys and, without a doubt, his skills go beyond the keyboard. Ben’s first release with Brunch Collect was an album in 2021 called City Lights, a 7-track collection of up-tempo beats and featured some of his playing talent too. Since then, Ben has reached 100k monthly listeners on Spotify, a huge career milestone, to say the least. Ben is humbled that his music reaches so many different audiences from across the globe. From his discography, his favourite release is his 2022 EP with Lofi Jazz Records called Dapper.


I discovered Ben through Low Key Trampoline, and felt the upbeat style of his music aligned perfectly with the theme of ‘Accomplishments & Success’ for the Sonder project. Ben thought it was a surprising coincidence when we connected since he reached a point in his life where he’s feeling a sense of accomplishment in his musical craft. 

Breakthrough,” signifying the instant of achieving success, is the name of his track on Sonder. When Ben created this track, he got into the headspace of accomplishing something and captured those emotions into his song. He used a horn melody for the hook since that sound inspires Ben every time he hears it. From there, he made the chord progressions, laid the drums, and arranged everything into what we now know as “Breakthrough.”


Ben hopes to make music his main gig. Currently, he’s a Target Manager, and with all that positive energy, which I admire, Ben will definitely reach this goal. 


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