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Meet nate2timez

Sonder - Track 08 - Anechosis

Nathan Freeze, known professionally as nate2timez, is a music producer from Atlanta, Georgia, who has been producing music for four years. Growing up, nate2timez had a deep fascination for the beats behind the vocals in songs. nate2timez watched YouTube videos created by his idol, Nick Mira, who taught him the core foundations for making his own beats.


nate2timez continues to push the boundaries of various genres, and he has come a long way from his first lofi single “Sweet Dreams” back in 2019. His production style is unique because he isn’t bound to a single category, evident from his genre-bending collaborations and rap instrumentals. As an accomplished producer, nate2timez‘s biggest career milestone was the release of his debut lofi album, Dream Catcher, in March 2022.


I discovered nate2timez through Low Key Trampoline and was particularly impressed with his single “Overcast,” which had a fantastic rhythmic beat. For the Sonder project, I thought it was

fitting to match nate2timez with the theme of ‘Struggle & Persistence’ because the beginnings of any career path are often laced with challenges. I felt it was a topic he could emotionally connect to; after all, nate2timez creations are beats personal to his life. 

Anechosis,” which means the fear of only being told what you want to hear, is the name of his track in Sonder. For this track, nate2timez took an ambient and sorrowful approach to produce it, using repetition on the piano arpeggios and the riser throughout to oscillate between the rise and fall.


nate2timez hopes to continue impacting people with his music and building a dream studio to continue doing what he loves. 


Follow nate2timez on InstagramSpotify, SoundCloudYouTubeTwitter, and TikTok. Also, check out his beats for purchase on TrakTrain.

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