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Author Visits

Why you should book one today

Authors visits are inspirational events and provides the whole school with a common learning experience. An author visit lends authenticity and credibility to the reading and writing process, and sparks excitement for literacy. 

By booking a session today, you can inspire students to pursue creative endeavours and connect lessons learned in the classroom with the wider world. Doris’s workshops draw on her own life stories about becoming an author, editor, songwriter, and music producer. Her workshops aim to encourage students to read and write, boost students’ confidence, and emphasize traits that will help students succeed in school and life (e.g., goal-setting and perseverance). 

Doris’s primary focus in visiting schools is to inspire everyone to pursue their own goals, no matter how unlikely they may seem, by showing them that everything can be within their reach with the right mindset.

Her book releases are unique because they are accompanied by music, allowing readers to engage in an enhanced reading experience. Doris collaborates with international artists from the lofi, soul, and hip hop communities to create songs, beats, and lyrics to support her written content. Her target audience is school-aged, with an emphasis on youth and young adults.

The content Doris writes is inspirational and focuses on encouraging readers to think positively by changing their perspectives on life challenges. She currently has two published books

Doris’s debut novel, Hold on please, Emily, released in 2021, is a young adult novel about a brain cancer patient who perseveres by seeking strength through music, family, and friends. This novel is connected with a Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada fundraising campaign to educate youth about difficult topics and to raise awareness. 

Her most recent release, Wise Up, Stand Up, released in 2022, is a quotebook filled with 101 of her life lessons on 12 life themes (e.g., self-improvement, self-love, fear, and persistence). This book serves as a reference to readers who seek a daily dose of inspiration.

Doris is currently working on a short story collection that includes stories on the themes of gratitude, friendship, family, empathy, hope, and community. She is also updating the current edition of her gratitude journal, which will be available in 2023. For more information on her book and music projects, please contact Doris today. 

Why book with Doris?

Experienced & Passionate Author

Since 2010, Doris has been organizing presentations for cancer charities and environmental agencies. In 2015, she expanded by offering presentations to promote literacy and Asian culture at daycares, community centres, and local schools. Doris is a passionate speaker with a proven ability of presenting to youth in both education and community settings. 

Doris has been writing for over 20 years, with over 15 years of editing experience. She has worked with both traditional and self-published authors, helping writers publish bestselling novels. 

Doris has published two books, eight digital magazines, and multiple scientific papers in prestigious journals. Both of her books were named Amazon #1 New Release at book launch in multiple categories. Her debut novel, Hold on please, Emily, was nominated for an award and was named Amazon #1 Bestseller for 8 book categories. Doris successfully held the title of Amazon bestseller for the first 90-days of her book launch in 2021.

When Doris became a published author, she began organizing virtual workshops for local and international schools on writing, reading, and editing. She continues to add new workshops to offer new insight from her writing experiences. Doris hopes to inspire youth to become lifelong readers who appreciate literacy and music. She strongly believes that it’s the responsibility of authors to promote literacy and welcomes the challenge of inspiring youth. Doris believes that our words can speak louder than our actions if we use them wisely. 

Available Workshops

  1. Inspiration in a Nutshell [DSW001] – The goal of this workshop is to inspire students to think deeply about a few age-old questions, like ‘what is happiness?’, ‘what should I do with my life?’ and ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ that will encourage participants to practice self-reflection. This is the most popular (and most motivational) workshop available. The entire workshop is based on the analogy that our lives are like books.
  2. The Power of Positive Thinking [DSW002] – This workshop aims to inspire people to change their perspective on life. This is a new workshop inspired by my book, Wise Up, Stand Up. Using relatable examples, I demonstrate the power of positive thinking and how changing our perspective can change our attitude in certain situations.
  3. A Day in the Life of an Author [DSW003] – The goal of this workshop is to share details on an authorship career. I share my story about how I became a writer and the biggest challenge in my journey. This workshop will discuss the finer details of the self-publishing process.
  4. Why we are All Writers [DSW004] – This writing workshop highlights why it’s important to share our own stories and that we are actually all writers filling the pages in our book of life. This is an inspirational workshop with a focus on goal setting and assessment. 
  5. Commas Matter [DSW005] – The goal of this editing workshop is to teach students why punctuation matters. I share my story about how I became an editor, the most common writing mistakes people make, and offer tips to avoid them. 
  6. Why Youth Need to Know [DSW006] – This workshop aims to educate youth about difficult topics like grief, death, and illnesses to aid in understanding empathy. The focus of this workshop will be on content from my book, Hold on please, Emily, and my song “That’s Hope, That’s Love.”
  7. Let’s Read [DSW007] – The goal of this workshop is to teach students how to read effectively. I demonstrate how the tone of our voices can change an entire story and provide tips for reading aloud. 
  8. From Idea to Story [DSW008] – The goal of this workshop is to teach students how to turn an idea into a story. I teach parts of a story and how to mind map.
  9. Musical Stories [DSW009] – The goal of this workshop is to teach students how to turn their favourite song into a story, and to share how music plays an important role in our everyday life. I introduce the term ’emotional music/storytelling,’ and demonstrate how to analyze songs.
  10. Lofi Music & Literacy [DSW010] – This workshop will discuss my author platform and why I merge lofi music with inspirational content. I demonstrate emotional storytelling by showcasing how lofi music captures emotions that can be expressed through words in literature. 
  11. From Idea to Song [DSW011] – This workshop aims to introduce students to the process of songwriting and beat creation. I will share my story about becoming a songwriter and music producer. Also, I teach students the different parts of a song and discuss the differences in the creation process for lyrical and non-lyrical tracks. In this workshop, I will analyze one of my lyrical and non-lyrical songs to demonstrate how music was created from a story idea.
  12. Read Aloud [DSW012] – This is the most basic workshop where I will offer a read aloud of one of my short stories or excerpts from my books. This is available for small and large audiences. 

Want to book a visit?

You can email Doris to receive a detailed outline of all available workshops. Note that all workshops can be tailored to suit specific age groups (grades) or reorganized to be delivered as a presentation. Sessions range from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours in length. All bookings are on a first-come, first-serve basis. The most popular months to book a session are February, March, April, October, and November since these months coincide with literary holidays. Sessions are offered virtually via Zoom or Google Meet. Starting in 2022, in-person visits will be available for local schools (Toronto & GTA) and Doris can book multiple sessions in one day for the same school. 

To book an author visit, contact Doris today to set up a call to discuss the needs of your school.  Make sure to include the name of your school, school address and contact information, the grades/age level, the names of the sessions you’re interested in, and your preference for workshop or presentation style. You can include a note on which week/month you prefer the author visit to take place, but please note this is subject to availability.  

Inquire about rates and packages. All sessions include a Q&A at the end of the session. Some sessions include prizes, contests, autograph opportunities, photo opts, social media coverage, media release, and take-home materials. For more details and options, contact Doris via email.

Take the first step of inspiring youth by booking an author visit with Doris today.