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Meet eleven

Sonder - Track 09 - Eternal Mystery

Prateek Gupta, known professionally as eleven, is a music producer in Delhi, India. After finishing school, eleven picked up a guitar and fell in love with the beats. Inclined by the relaxing sounds and catchy melodies in music, eleven began producing his own music in 2016, but didn’t establish eleven until 3 years later.


eleven enjoys the therapeutic nature of making music; his goal as a producer is to create songs that send the listener on a journey which transcends our realities. His sound gives listeners a nostalgic storytelling experience, creating a melodic and ambient atmosphere that separates him from other producers.


His first release was his 2019 single “at least hear me out,” and his favourite releases are actually the same as my favourites: “Imaginary friend,” “Ember,” and “Ekaant.” Some major career milestones include releasing with Lofi Girl, who introduced him to the lofi genre, working with reputable brands for ad jingles, and working as a sound designer for an upcoming 10-episode web show. 

I discovered eleven through Andy Quan, who collaborated with him to create “Early Ocean” in 2021. Since many of eleven‘s songs capture the feelings of nostalgia, I thought it was perfect to assign him the theme of ‘Life Stages.’ “Eternal Mystery,” which refers to the wonders of life, is the name of his track on Sonder. The foundation of the track is a guitar chord progression in the key of F# Minor with a guitar lead on top. eleven then laid chords with piano and played a counter melody with piano only on the top. To create the song’s atmosphere, he added nostalgic sounding mellotron keys and ambient synths.

eleven hopes to continue being hungry to create timeless music and plans to add vocals to some of them too.

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