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We are what we wear?

You know the saying, “we are what you eat.” Well, we are also what we wear. 

Unfortunately, society judges us constantly. If you’re wearing fancy clothes, people assume you have status and wealth. That’s because our outfits tend to portray detailed information about our origin, occupation, family, and social status. Unfortunately, this is how we perceive people, in spite of our social progress. 

Should we judge people by their clothes? Absolutely not. But, no matter how hard we try, clothing is something we notice almost immediately when we meet someone.

The problem with being judgmental is that we make assumptions about the individual. Clothing decisions don’t always tell us about someone’s character, and appearances are often deceptive. 

Personally, clothing is how we can demonstrate individualism. Sometimes, people wear clothing that helps them fit in (like an uniform), draw attention, or have certain religious purposes. Other times, we wear certain pieces of clothing purely for the sake of comfort. 

A perfect example to demonstrate this is work shoes for females. If you’re on your feet for most of the day, heels can be straining on your feet, so wearing running shoes would be a more viable option. However, heels look more professional and if you are spotted wearing running shoes in an office that doesn’t have a causal dress code, then you’ll stick out like a sore thumb. Many people are challenged with situations that fall under this scenario, but why should what we wear matter?

Unfortunately, society will always be judgmental and whether we admit it or not, we do care about what other people think. So before you head out the door, look at your outfit and think about the vibe you’re radiating by wearing it. If you’re comfortable with that vibe, rock it like you mean it. But, if you’re not comfortable with that vibe, be ready for either make the outfit switch or to be mindful of watchful eyes because there’s bound to be someone judging.

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