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Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted

August has been a very eventful month. It was full of excitement, stress, and unexpected change, which has left me feeling exhausted for the start of September. 

Since I’ve become an author, my sleep schedule has been a bit of a mess. Many of my friends tell me that I need a better work-life balance, but I have yet to find something better than my current routine. Working for multiple editing companies during the day leaves me exhausted by the evening, especially if there are a whole bunch of chores on top of that as well. When everyone sleeps at the house, then it’s time for me to write. Since COVID has turned our work day virtual for everyone in the house, the only quiet time is when everyone is asleep. And don’t get me started about how challenging it is to work with a bunch of noise – if you can’t hear yourself think, you’re not thinking. That’s exactly why my best ideas still come at 3 a.m.

But, this September, my son will be attending school in-person again. However, my husband will still be working at home. Only time will tell if the house is just as loud, but I know it’ll be difficult to stay up late to write from now on because it’ll be impossible to live off of 2 hours of sleep. The beauty about going to work and school remotely was the fact that you can literally sleep in until 15 minutes before you had to log in, and nibble on breakfast while people set up for the day. It was actually the perfect workaround. Though, things will change this year, so only occasionally can I be awake until 3 a.m. to write.


This lifestyle change has left me feeling overwhelmed, questioning how I can fit all the things I want to do in my shortened day. But, if I’m falling asleep in front of my computer, while writing this blog post, then I know that sleep should take priority.

It’s hard to accept, but I have to learn that sometimes, it’s okay to not get all the things you want to get done in one day. It’s okay to continue tomorrow and to prioritize sleep if your body needs it. Writing is important. But, so is rest. 

Now, time for some sleep …

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