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Nice to Meet You

Have you ever been stuck in a conversation that was full of awkward silence? Well, it’s actually quite normal. Not everyone is naturally sociable, and sometimes it’s really difficult to start (or engage) in conversations when there’s nothing to relate to or you know nothing about them.

However, I believe that anyone can spark a conversation if they are genuinely interested in learning about the other party. For the rest of August, I’ll be bringing up some questions that are perfect conversation starters. And I’ll even give you my answer so you’ll have an example in case you’re asked these questions yourself.

Being able to maintain a conversation is an important life skill. I used to be an introvert. I was the kid who would rarely participate in class, unless I was called upon. Plus, I rarely approached people, even though I wanted to be their friend, because I felt uncomfortable in those situations. However, I’ve grown a lot from my younger days. I’m actually quite fortunate for the friends who approached me when I was in kindergarten who’ve been doing their best to open up my introvert shell. 

I’m not a super social expert, but I feel much more comfortable approaching people, asking questions, and just speaking my mind. Just like how we all have stories to be told, we also all have things on our mind that we want to share. Don’t let your fear of speaking up stop you from engaging. Once you allow yourself to open up, you’ll realize that a lot of people want to talk with you and appreciate what you want to say. 

Let’s get the conversation rolling because I would love to chat with you someday too.

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