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Tortilla Katour Drumming Master

Tortilla Katour is a beatmaker and avid cat lover who I discovered after Ben Jammin’ Beats released a collab with him called Sweet Life. What I find unique about this beatmaker is his personality, his posts on Instagram, and his stage presence. His vibes are smooth, the way he drums is mesmerizing, and the songs he choses to showcase his skills are classics. Without a doubt, Tortilla Katour has a superb taste in music – his beats are like fine wine, they just get better and better (plus, that sort of passion & consistency is hard to find).

I’m so glad I stumbled across his profile on Instagram. Watching him jam makes me want to master my own midi myself (I have a long way to go, but I’m determined). I highly suggest everyone follow Tortilla Katour on Instagram! His posts have become part of my daily routine to wake me up in the morning. 

Check out his Spotify or BandCamp to hear more of his beats. His latest solo release, Baby Bone Boy, is super fun to listen to, with beats that will get you bobbing your head naturally to his music. Chill. Smooth. Tortilla Katour is surely the master of finger drumming. 

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