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Nate Clover & Doris Siu – Affinity – Out Now!

The full album, Sonder, was released on 7/28 and today is the final feature on these individual tracks. Today, I’ll be featuring Nate Clover’s “Affinity,” which is now available on all music streaming platforms.

Affinity” is part of Sonder, a 12-track instrumental accompanying album for my book 📚Wise Up, Stand Up📚 – you can listen to the full album here.

“Affinity” shares the musical interpretation of the theme “Love & Relationships.” This song is actually really special because Nate created one that combined a lot of similar features in the songs that I loved from his discography. Nate’s interpretation of love was portrayed using deep frequencies that bring movingly expressive emotions to the song.

Thanks to Nate Clover for mastering this track and No Mic for the amazing cover art. 

Learn more about Nate Clover by reading his bio here. Special thanks to Nate for helping me put this album together. 

Make sure to check out the whole album and try out the new reading experience by listening to Sonder while reading my book, Wise Up, Stand Up.

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