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Arcanum Added to Spotify Editorial Playlist!

When I woke up this morning to see Ryan Walker’s message that our song got added to a Spotify Editorial Playlist I was ecstatic! Not only was this my first ever addition (and the first time I’ve ever pitched a track), but this song always held a very special place in my heart. 

I have always connected with Ryan’s music, so this is really special that we accomplished this together. Before I reached out to seek members to join my project, Ryan already gave me the green light that he’ll be happy to work with me for any future collaborations. His support in my work is amazing and this track was originally called “Emily,” which related to my first release, “Hold on please, Emily.”

Check out our new track “Arcanum” and the rest of the amazing additions on the Spotify Editorial Playlist “lush lofi.” I’m so grateful for this news.

Album cover art: No Mic
Album mastering engineer: Nate Clover

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