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The story behind nate2timez

nate2timez is one of 12 talented artists who’ve contributed to this book + music project. His track “Anechosis” features his musical interpretation of the theme “Struggle & Persistence.”

I discovered nate2timez through Low Key Trampoline and listened to many of his collaborations they had together. I was most impressed with his many accomplishments at such a young age. Truly, Nate is going to soar to many high places in his career. 

When Nate created his track, he emailed me with a suggested title (“Anechosis”) and what intrigued me was that it was one of the words from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows. Finally, someone knows words from this amazing resource! That sparked some wonderful conversation and I feel so privileged to have that opportunity to get to know him better. For someone who appreciates words very much, it was exciting to meet someone else who does too.

Read his full story here to learn more

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