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The story behind Low Key Trampoline

Low Key Trampoline (Mark Schirmacheris one of 12 talented artists who’ve contributed to this book + music project. His track “Playtime 2.0” features his musical interpretation of the theme “Family & Friendship.”

I discovered Low Key Trampoline actually through his blog, which led me to his music discography. When I featured Andy Quan in my digital magazine back in June 2021, he introduced me to lofi music and I stumbled across Mark’s writing.

At the preliminary stages of the Sonder project, I decided to reach out to Mark to collaborate since his Christmas album inspired me. Mark agreed instantly. What I appreciated most was his mentorship; his advice, encouragement, and support helped move the project forward. 

I’ve probably bombarded him with too many questions, but I am so grateful that he didn’t mind mentoring me. I still have much to learn from him and hope to collaborate with him again in the near future. Mark always did his best to answer all of my questions and tame my curiosity.

Read his full story here to learn more.

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