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A year of thanks

2021 has taught me so many things and one thing’s for sure: nothing worthwhile comes easy. But, with so much that happened in 2021, many might wonder what’s in store for 2022?

Well, I have many goals in mind, but my biggest goal is to get my next book published. 

Currently, I’m working on five different writing projects. One of them is quoteworthy and the other one is poetic. 

Although I am ending 2021 by saying farewell to my digital magazine, I hope everyone is patient as we await my next release.

Special thanks to Matthew Isaacs (aka Kromatix_) who has been my biggest supporter of my work. Let’s make 2022 a successful year for the both of us! Thanks a million for never giving up on me and pushing me back on track whenever I felt lost.

Also, thank you to my son, Lucas, who never backs down from an opportunity to promote my work and listen to my ramblings for story ideas. Your hugs are what keeps me going. They are much more powerful than coffee.

But most importantly, thank you to you, my readers. Without your support, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Wishing everyone a wonderful 2022.

Final thoughts

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