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Why YA books appeal to adults

When you’re a teenager, it was almost forbidden to browse the adult side at your local library. But, nobody usually raises an eyebrow if it’s the other way around. Perhaps I’m not like other adults, but adult fiction can sometimes be edgy or dry. I mean, this is not the case for all authors, but many adult books are written so dull and technical that I begin to question whether people actually read this stuff and enjoyed it? 

I’ve been gravely disappointed at the many adult books I’ve picked up while in university, so I often found myself marching back over to the teen section. One day, I met someone in the library who felt the same way and they also admitted that they prefer YA novels over adult ones. Although today I’ve found a fair number of adult books that I’ve enjoyed, I still prefer to pick up a YA book because the stories are more relatable. They share life lessons for the to-be adult and touch upon life mysteries that we find ourselves pondering about constantly. 

Meanwhile, if you’re an adult who reads young adult literature, remind yourself that it’s completely okay to be reading YA books as an adult…and perhaps you’ll find yourself following my path where you start writing them.

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