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TV Series Review: Yumi Cells

Yumi Cells was like the Korean version of the movie Inside Out, but way more hilarious with a storyline that’s much more complex. The creator actually compared it to Inside Out, saying that Inside Out was on human emotions while Yumi Cells was on human desire. I’ve watched a few K-drama shows featuring the star actress Kim Go-eun, who was in Goblin and The King Eternal Monarch. I enjoy watching Go-eun because of her facial expressions and ability to get into character, and I felt Yumi Cells was her best performance.

This K-drama is a must-watch for anyone who loves romantic comedy. Most of all, I like how it’s relatable, which is exactly why the show doesn’t go an episode with making you laugh at least once. Really. It combines all the sad, fun, and embarrassing moments together into the things that trouble many people the most in life – that’s work and love.

It’s such a clever idea to make a show about an everyday office girl and her struggles with her love life. You also see it in the perspective of the guy too, who she meets from a blind date. The way they think when they see something and all the things they worry about or consider before taking action. I’m watching this show and I’m thinking, “Oh my, I do that too!” Also, depicting Yumi’s brain cells as cartoon characters was a nice touch, which is the first in K-drama history for combining animation with people. My favourite cells in this show are definitely Hunger Cell, Reason Cell, and Love Cell. 

There were a few episodes that I didn’t enjoy because it was a bit too melodramatic or clearly ‘filler episodes,’ and the character Ruby just got on my nerves. Who still speaks in 3rd person unless you’re under 3??? But otherwise, it was an excellent show, which motivates me to check out the 512-episode webtoons series that it’s based on. Especially since the finale left me hanging and wanting to know who she ends up with. Clearly, I can’t wait for the release of Season 2.

Now I’m starting to wonder how my cells would be acting in my everyday life. Yumi Cells teaches us that sometimes how we think is different from how we act and we actually go through a major thought process before making any decisions.


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