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Movie Review: Bad Genius

Okay, I got to be honest with you. The only reason why I watched this film was because it scored 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. But I’m not a huge fan of movies that focus on exam cheating because I cannot condone it. Although we all want great grades, you have to earn them. Cheating doesn’t solve the problem, you feel guilty (unless you’re not human), and you’re not going to get away with it. Think about it. Even if you allowed someone to cheat off of you once, they may place the blame on you if they’re caught since they don’t want to take the blame on their own. Plus, if you’ve done it once, they will use that as blackmail to continue helping them cheat. It’s a lose-lose, really. 

What I found interesting about this movie was not the storyline, but the ways Mentor Lynn (the mastermind behind everything) thought of sharing her test answers with the other students who were involved. Using piano as code or hidden barcodes on pencils was quite ‘genius.’

 This Thai movie was quite dramatized, but it does teach us an important lesson about paying for your consequences. Plus, it gives an interesting perspective on Asia’s rote-learning and grades-obsessed academic culture. Grades aren’t everything. Don’t ever cheat just to make it to the top.


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