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Different Worlds with Alan Walker

I’m a huge Alan Walker fan and what I really enjoy about his song “Different Worlds” is that it reminds me of the many times things don’t look the way we imagined them. This happens more often than we could imagine. Though, if we truly want a certain outcome, the key is to take action because we have time to make changes. 

My favourite line in this song is when Alan Walker speaks of building a castle that we watch fall. This visual depicts so many things in my life. Many times I had worked so hard for something, but still failed. It’s not easy to keep going, but we know we must. 

Alan Walker’s songs combine well-written lyrics, empowering messages, challenging themes, and really awesome vibes. He’s an amazing DJ and music producer who clearly lives and breathes music. Check out some of his other songs, like his most popular, “Faded.”

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