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Moonlight with Yagmin Music

After listening to Ryan Walker‘s latest release, ‘Songs for Us,’ I discovered the wonderful music by Yagmin Music who collabed with Ryan for always forever.’ Yagmin Music’s discography is quite impressive, and I love how the way he combines subtle, yet complex and soothing rhythms to create songs that are perfect for whatever you’re doing. 

Yagmin Music just dropped his latest single called ‘Moonlight.’ When I listened to this track, I felt like I was whisked away into the scene on his cover art. I imagined strolling alone under the moonlight, hands in pocket with the breeze brushing across my cheek, walking towards the light of a small cabin. This song’s comforting and chill vibes felt familiar and truly amplified that nostalgia. I really appreciated the emotional aspects of ‘Moonlight’ and how it captured the storytelling component (something I always look for in quality music as a writer).

Check out ‘Moonlight‘ today by adding this EP to your playlist. I highly recommend listening to ‘Moonlight’ with ‘Midnight Thoughts‘ back-to-back. ‘Midnight Thoughts’ is a single Yagmin Music released last year and I felt that the two songs complimented each other beautifully. 

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