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Book Quote: Ch 2 on Grief

“Grief was like an active volcano because, just like how nature doesn’t follow black and white rules, I could not predict when my emotions would erupt.
The unpredictability of magma resembled the unpredictability of how my mind coped with grief. I was often stuck in this unpleasant state of fatigue and irritableness that made my chest and heart feel heavy. Sometimes I could control my tears, while other times, I could do nothing to stop them. Somehow, I had to figure out how to become fire-resistant or burn whenever lava erupted.” ~ Ch. 2 of ‘Hold on please, Emily’

Grief is not something easy, but we should not stay stuck in this emotional state. Like a volcano, our grief can erupt at any moment. It could be the slightest thing that brings back a memory that can make you all teary or choked up inside. Be patient with yourself and give yourself time to recover from grief. Things will get better. Check out my novel to read more of these inspirational quotes.

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