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What do we fear

I was invited today to a virtual community event as a guest speaker where I talked about overcoming your fears. But why is it so important to dive deeper into our fears to overcome them?

The numbers don’t lie: statistics show that many of us are living in fear. The top three things that more than half of North America are afraid of are: corrupt government, health care reform, and pollution. But, are these fears the same for youth? 

This community event was for teen volunteers and I decided to ask them about things they feared to get a better understanding of how to help them overcome it.

Many teens are fearful of the same few topics: failure, death, illness, and bugs. Unfortunately, for some, these fears end up controlling their lives and influencing their decisions growing up. Knowing this, it makes it even more important to help youth overcome these fears and there’s no better way to tackle this issue than by educating.

Oftentimes, we are fearful of what are do not know. If we improve our knowledge on a topic, it becomes less foreign and we become less afraid. The challenge of tackling your fears is that our fears aren’t permanent. At first glance, that appears to be something positive because it offers hope that we can overcome them. However, if our fears can change based on our experiences and events that affect us, that also means that our fears can easily worsen or change to something worse.

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