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Music Teaser IG Reels

When my novel ‘Hold on please, Emily’ launched, there was something unique about it. My book came with an accompanying novel soundtrack ’Hold on please, Emily: Songs of Hope’ created by Kromatix_ (Matthew Isaacs) and yours truly.

I wrote the lyrics for all three songs and each focus on a theme in my book. During my 30-day Social Media Challenge on Instagram, I made three reels to give my followers a teaser for each one. 

Here are links to each below:

  • ‘I Know’: A song about the questions and feelings that come with grief.
  • That’s Hope, That’s Love‘: A song about the whirlwind of emotions associated with a cancer diagnosis and the power of hope & love.
  • Nothing Else Matters’: A song about finding strength in ourselves no matter what challenges we may face.

I hope to have another opportunity to create music with Kromatix_ who I believe is an awesomely talented musician. Make sure to check out our inspirational novel soundtrack on Spotify and add some motivational tunes to your playlist. Also, if you love what you hear, you’ll love Kromatix_’s entire discography. Check out his Spotify artist page here and his website here. Happy listening!

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