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10 types of friends

Today is International Friendship Day, but most countries celebrate Friendship Day on the first Sunday of August. Hallmark founded the original idea of Friendship Day in 1919, intended to boost greeting card sales. However, by 1940, the market dried up, and it was a lost part of history. Later, recognizing the importance of friendship globally started to build some steam again. In 1998, Winnie the Pooh was named the world’s Ambassador of Friendship at the United Nations. Then, in April 2011, International Friendship Day was born.

There are actually ten types of friends that you’ll meet in your lifetime. The question is whether you should keep them or run away from them. I discussed my views on friendship in my book, ‘Hold on please, Emily,’ where Emily marvels about how each person we meet throughout our lives serves a purpose, teaching us something that we can take with us as we move forward. That being said, not all friends are forever. But I sure hope my current circle of friends will stick together for many years to come.

To celebrate #NationalFriendshipDay, I would like to give a shoutout to three long-time friends (Seung Hee Yun, Shazia Ghafur, and Lynn Slightham), two newer friends (Andy Quan and Carol Wyllie), and my current bestie (Matthew Isaacs). Thank you for your friendship from the bottom of my heart.

The 10 friends you'll meet in your lifetime

Think about these different types of friends when you dive deeper into your friends list:

  1. First Friend
  2. Fairweather Friend
  3. Fake Friend
  4. Fun Friend
  5. Fierce Friend
  6. For Now Friend
  7. Fickle Friend
  8. Familiar Friends
  9. Flaky Friend
  10. Forever Friend

Final thoughts?

To learn more about these 10 types of friends, check out the August edition of ‘Hold On‘ to read more. If you haven’t signed up yet to get your copy, click here

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