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New superhero is in town

Have you ever wondered if there’ll be a new superhero that kids can look up to that isn’t Marvel or DC Comics? Well, introducing Secret Service Agent Jon.

David Faagau is the author of a 7-book children’s book series. His first book is released today. This action-packed adventure series promotes perseverance, courage, confidence, morals, overcoming evil with good, and selflessness. As you read the story, you begin to wonder what special gadget is Agent Jon going to pull out next. It’s like a kids version of James Bond. 

What impressed me most about this book were the illustrations. I’ve joined several launch teams for children’s books through SPS and the illustrations were never really impressive. There was only one other book series by Kristi Shimada that wowed me. You’ll love reading this book with your children for bedtime, and if you’re interested in a Spanish edition, rumour has it that David will be releasing one soon.

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