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‘Hold on please, Emily’ Public Launch

It’s finally happening! I’ve waited almost 18-months for this day to come and today I can officially say, I’m a published author!

Hold on please, Emily‘ is now available on Amazon as e-book, paperback, and hardcover editions. I can stare at my Amazon product page all day. Seriously! That’s how happy I am!

I’ve edited over 100 books during my career as a professional editor and joined over 20 launch teams as a SPS student, but it wasn’t until today when I finally experienced that feeling of overwhelming joy that so many authors talk about on launch day. 

It's official!

The reason why I wanted to publicly launch ‘Hold on please, Emily‘ on May 1st was because the month of May is Brain Tumour Awareness month across the globe. I wanted to help #TurnMayGrey with the launch of my novel. So, I waited until midnight to watch my book go live to the public.

With the launch of my book now official, I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to some important people who’ve helped me in my self-publishing journey.

I want to send a huge thank you to everyone at SPS, especially my Launch Team and Coaches Ramy Vance and Barbara Hartzler. Thank you, Ramy, for helping me iron out my story during the writing phase of my book. And thank you, Barbara, for helping me with my launch and book setup on Amazon KDP. I wouldn’t be a published author today without both of your help.

Special thanks to Joris van Leeuwen and his team at Cutting-Edge-Studio who made my amazing book cover and formatted my book. If anyone is looking for cover designers or formatters, I suggest getting in contact with Joris because his team is the epitome of quality and professionalism. Many students from SPS can vouch for this statement.

SPS is an amazing school that really makes your dreams of becoming an author a reality. Thank you to Chandler Bolt for creating a school that inspires so many people to become published authors. 

I’ll have a full thank you and acknowledgements post tomorrow. But right now, I’m just overwhelmed with all the excitement and extremely excited to see how the public responds to ‘Hold on please, Emily.’ 

Check out my debut novel today and discover a story that can change your life. 

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