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TV Series Review: Crash Landing on You

I recently got into Korean Dramas and this one, ‘Crash Landing on You,’ has now topped my ultimate favourite K-drama list. It’s a sweet story about a South Korean heiress, Yoon Se-ri, who, while paragliding in Seoul, was swept up in a sudden storm, crash landing in North Korea demilitarized zone. There, she meets Captain Ri who over time, falls in love with her despite the divide and despite between their respective countries. 

This story was a classic romantic comedy drama and I’ve been searching for another K-drama just like it, but to no avail. Captain Ri takes Se-ri into his own home and enlists the aid of his four officers to protect her from Cho Cheol-gang. He also makes plans to smuggle her back to South Korea as it’s illegal for her to be in the North. After many failed attempts, she eventually returns to the South, but the Cho Cheol-gang follow her. Fearful for Se-ri’s safety, Captain Ri sneaks to the South to protect her. Little does he know, his trusty officer friends also head over to the south to help, disguised as members of the national sports running team. 

‘Crash Landing on You’ teaches you the power of love and friendship and the importance of leading a better lifestyle to enjoy life with the people around you.



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